Dmitry Morozov (RU)



Dmitry Morozov aka ::vtol:: (b.1986, Moscow)



Until I die


This installation -also known as the vampire synthesizer- operates on batteries that generate electricity using blood of the artist himself (4,5l)

The electric current powers a small electric algorithmic synth module that creates a generative sound composition.


The last 200ml blood was drawn from his arm during the performance presentation at TEC ART.

The operation concept of the installation is to use liquid electrolyte and metals with different oxidation rates as a power source.


In many respects the visual design of the installation was inspired by nineteen-century engravings of experiments with electricity and batteries.


Two mutually reinforcing concepts form the central premise of the project:the desire to create a techno biological hybrid device that uses his own vitality to create electric sounds and blood donation and transfusion as ways of sharing one’s vitality with another person or in this case, a hybrid system related to the ‘Russian cosmism’.

In many respects the installation is a metaphysical act between man and machine.