Lu Yang (Ch)



Material World Knight.
2018, 3 channel video- installation, 22.14 min stereo


In the future, the world’s intelligent life will develop in three broad categories:

  1. Human clones, the juvenile character.
  2. Exoskeleton enhanced bio mechanical synthesis cyborgs.
  3. AI Powered humanoid robots.


The three types of intelligent life are split into two hostile sides, fighting for future hegemony of the world.

After a long lasting battle they realize that everything will be destroyed one day, that the world is just a world of material and easily can be destroyed.

Therefore, all beings realize that they are the same.

Finally they all realize the importance of peace. The material world knight is born.

To replace the role of god, human beings invent technologies, however all carriers of artificial intelligence are discernable and decomposable.

The fundamental essence of matter still follows the natural principles of ‘Cheng, Zhu, huai and Kong.

Our destiny can’t be changed.