Symphony of Fire

expo outdoor / specials

photo: Roy te Lintelo

daily open-air show with singing tesla-coils and fire-organs (after 17.30)



‘Smells like ozone: sustainable pyro-musical orchestra of machines’


Since the stone-ages,  fire and thunder have been great entertainment for all mankind. Two nutty professors from Deventer, The Netherlands – Uwe Dobberstein and Peter de Man – use these primal forces to make music. Their crazy live shows are a spectacle of sizzling tesla coils, several meters of high flames and explosions, creating harmony and a rhythm. Symphony of Fire tames nature itself.

Just like the fathers of techno, Kraftwerk,  they work non-stop in their lab to create new instruments and music. This way, a whole computerized mega orchestra of fire-machines arises. Chiptune, rock, classic and hip hop are the musical inspiration of Symphony of Fire, although the result is something completely different!

Their pioneering has not gone unnoticed. Dutch News Channel NOS made a report on the men and they worked together with Binkbeats en Def P. They even organized their own festival, The Longest Night, and they were the closing act on the Dutch version Burning Man and the international renowned Dutch Design Week. The future is here!

Uwe Dobberstein is responsible for the design, physical processes and uses the whip during the live shows. Peter de Man is conductor, composer and an electronic wonder. He also worked with artist/scientist Daan Roosegaarde. Peter:  “The language of Symphony of Fire is universal. We promise we will give the audience something they have never seen, felt and heard before. “